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Where did the name EriChad come from?

After losing my first four babies, I finally gave birth to a son (8 1/2 years after I started trying for my family!). We named him Eric Robert. He was born very ill, but with a stubborn streak and an iron clad will to survive, Eric is now a healthy teenager. When he was 19 months old, I delivered his brother, Chad Michael, who is our surviving twin. Again, without a miracle, Chad would not be with us.

Eric's birth and personality restored my faith in life. Chad's birth and warm soul restored my faith in me. After losing five babies and having a hysterectomy, these two little men gave me the courage to enjoy life.

This site is created in honor of them and in memory of their siblings who died before them . . . and all the little ones who died way too soon. We will forever feel their presence and love them always.


By Dezign